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Cleanse 28 Kit (28 Day)-NEW LOW PRICE!

Please call or email for latest on product availability before placing your order.

Then check out Aria's Ultimate Cleanse in the Arise and Shine product list! This is the all organic/wilcrafted cleanse I put together to stand in for the Arise & Shine Cleanse 28 Program in the fall of 2014 when Arise & Shine suddenly closed. Hundreds of my Arise and Shine customers have used this cleanse in place of Arise and Shine and the feedback has been great! A fantastic value at $70 less than the new Arise and Shine Cleanse 28 Kit!

"I wanted to let you know the substitute cleanse has been working great." A.M.
"I followed her exact instructions and the results were spectacular to say the least." Rick H.
"Please let me tell you how impressed I am with the results of the (substitute) cleanse. It was better than I had hoped for and equal to A&S products." W.M.

Results are absolutely comparable to Arise and Shine Cleanse 28 Program (some say it's every bit as good)! I hope you'll try this program!

I often tell people that while the Arise & Shine products are some of the finest on the market, when it comes to cleansing results, protocol is everything!!
I have been coaching people for 20 years on the Arise & Shine cleansing program and I know what it takes to optimize your results, minimize cleansing reactions and stay safe while cleansing! Discover the Aria difference with my low cost cleanse coaching package!

(cost is less for programs under 28 days)
o Unlimited one on one coaching via phone calls and emails, before, during and after your program.
o You'll also receive my 17 page Ultimate Cleanse Guidelines, a comprehensive addendum to the Arise & Shine Program Guide, designed to give you all the information you need to get the best possible results but to also minimize cleansing reactions. This document represents the best of my cleanse coaching experience and can make all the difference in the world on your program.
o Learn what three items in the Arise & Shine Program Guide could cost you big results!

Note: To include coaching fee, simply type "Coaching package" in the notes section of your shopping cart. Your total will be adjusted and payment processed AFTER I receive your order.

* Just ask and I'll gladly match any special Arise and Shine is featuring!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS FOR ARISE AND SHINE: I apologize, but according to Arise and Shine distributor policies, I cannot process international orders for Arise and Shine products at this time.

Arise and Shine Cleanse 28 Program

Everything you need for our amazing, all natural and thorough 4 week internal cleanse. Join the tens of thousands of people around the world who have been enjoying the life-changing benefits of cleansing with Arise & Shine for over 22 years.

$$ For great results and maximum savings, may I suggest for your consideration, Aria's Ultimate Cleanse Kit! This combination package that I put together when Arise and Shine closed in 2014 features all organic/wildcrafted products that is a full $70 less than the new Arise and Shine Cleanse 28 Kit with absolutely comparable results! See "Aria's Ultimate Cleanse Kit" in my Arise and Shine product list!

Each Arise and Shine Cleanse 28 Kit contains the following:
2 Chomper, 300 caps
2 Herbal Nutrition, 300 caps
2 Hydrated Bentonite, 32oz
1 Flora Grow, 120 caps
2 Psyllium Husk Powder, 13 oz
1 Envelope pH papers, 25 strips
1 Cleanse Guide*
!! Pls note that shaker jars are no longer included in any of the kits.
We invite you to purchase the new shaker jar at our cost of only 6.00(ret. 10.00) Add in notes section of order or see on product list.

Most people find they can tailor our cleansing programs to meet the demands of their daily routines of work, home-life and recreation. From the Mildest phase to the Master phase, choose the schedule that works best for you. Of course the deeper you go, the greater results you will see.

For added support during your Arise and Shine Cleanse 28˘ experience we offer a specially priced nutritional support products as an option with your purchase. Many of our customers have reported a more productive and comfortable cleansing experience when using these products. These additional products provide you with a broad spectrum nutritional enrichment, digestive enhancement, trace mineral replenishment and electrolyte support/pH support. These additional support products are as follows and can be ordered on this site:*

Alkalizer (bulk powder) or Electrolife (capsules)
Great Greens (capsules)
Fundaminerals (liquid or dehydrated in capsules)
Extra Flora Grow for improved post cleanse implant of probiotics

Also available: Arise and Shine Cleanse 28˘ with Gourmet Psyllium

Why choose Arise & ShineÝs Cleanse 28˘, Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 7?

A pioneer in the herbal cleansing industry, Arise & Shine has been serving the cleansing community for over 20 years. Competitors come and go, but only Arise & ShineÝs long-established cleanse products can claim tens of thousands of satisfied customers in countries all over the world.

If you donÝt feel you are ready to commit to the Arise and shine 28 day Cleanse, please consider the Cleanse 14 Program or the Cleanse 7˘, our 7-day cleanse.

What is Mucoid Plaque?
Mucoid plaque can be described as a gel-like, viscous and slimy mucus that forms as a layer or layers covering the inner lining of various hollow organs, especially the organs of the alimentary canal. It appears to develop in the presence of acids, where that mucus is secreted and coagulates.

As it continues to develop from unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, mucoid plaque can harbor toxins and interfere with nutrient absorption, in a sense robbing your bodyof the vital components it needs to function. The Cleanse has been specifically formulated for, and is effective in assisting your body in removing Űmucoid plaqueÝ.*

Mucoid Plaque is also known by a number of other names in the current scientific literature, such as biofilm, mucus matrix, protective mucus gel, adherent mucus gel layer, glycoprotein macromolecules, dense mucoid matrix, and viscoelastic gel.

Plaque Facts:
´ In most people, mucoid plaque is 1/64th to 1/4th inch thick, but occasionally may be more than 1 inch thick.
´ Not everyone has mucoid plaque, but over 95% of people who have cleansed, have eliminated at least some mucoid plaque.
´ Some who have a high intake of table salt have trouble removing the plaque.
´ Mucoid plaque can be a variety of colors: white, yellow, gray, greenish, tan, light or dark brown, black, and even blackish green.
´ Mucoid plaque can range from stiff and hard to soft and more flexible. For some people herbs even liquefy the plaque and they release globs of mucous!
´ Mucoid plaque is often shiny or smooth, some pieces may look like rope, showing striations, smoothness, overlaps, or creases.
´ Sections of plaque as large as 2-4 feet long or more are not entirely uncommon, however most cleansers can expect plaque to come out in sections on average of 6-18 inches long.
´ Most Arise & Shine Cleansers report expelling anywhere from 25 to 50 feet of ýmucoidţ plaque during the Master phase of our 28 day cleanse.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 August, 2010.
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